... If rape or arson, poison, or the knife
Has wove no pleasing patterns in the stuff
Of this drab canvas we accept as life—
It is because we are not bold enough!
- Charles Baudelaire
(Roy Campbell's translation)
"a mile or more in a foreign clime, to see farther inside of me" - syd barrett
But I sold my freedom
For free room and board,
Like a monkey in a zoo. - Daniel Johnston

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Nine tales of a wandering fox (Part. I)

Catch not what in the shape of the wake,
Tethering sounds of voices, so elfen.
Lying cold out by the rind of a lake
girdling down the the paths of the slippery seven.

Reason with-in, not with the world outside,
For, the thirst to see is not theirs but mine.
Reason to bridge the vacuous divide
with lines so straight they seem to bend in time.

Shadows, to life some rising, to dark some merging
What is and what Is, is but mine to define
Now here, now there. now awaking, now dying
parting the sky and the ground are but thin moments of time.

Monday, February 18, 2008

mind & mirror ...

The mind is a rear view mirror to the car that you ride in your journey through life.